Jobs — Senior Designer

Moniker is seeking an exceptional Senior Designer to join our San Francisco-based team. Candidates will have a strong portfolio of work with a focus on creating innovative visual identities. Skills in 3D, motion, processing, etc. are a strong plus. If you're chill, extremely passionate about design, culture, and business, reach out with  work samples to [email protected]


Brand Launch — Dallas Trinity FC

Dallas Trinity FC represents the tradition of sport, the connectivity of culture, and the past, present, and future of the city.

In collaboration with ModestWorks, we worked with an innovative ownership team leading the first professional women’s soccer team in the history of the city to develop the name, visual identity, brand strategy, and much more to come for the club.

A part of the groundbreaking USL Super League, DTFC will kickoff their inaugural season this August at the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium.

New Work — San Francisco Dance Film Festival

We've partnered with the San Francisco Dance Film Festival to create a new visual identity coinciding with the organization's 2023 festival. We worked with London-based photographer Jurga Ramonaite to create a special campaign film celebrating the festival's 14th year of events. Full case study coming soon.

New Work — Vital

For the last four years we've partnered with Vital, a trailblazing biotech company building the future of diagnostics. Our collaboration started with visual identity, custom typography and product renders and culminated in the public launch of their brand and new website. Read more about the company in Bloomberg.

Brand Launch — Tezi

Tezi is building an Autonomous AI trained by top hiring managers and recruiters to lead the end-to-end recruiting process. We worked with the founding team to develop their brand narrative, messaging, and visual identity system.

Launching a Global Rebrand — Intuit

In the fall of 2022 Intuit unveiled an award-winning new visual identity to the world, but it was far from an overnight success. Learn the story of how the Intuit Brand Design team and Moniker lead a holistic brand refresh from the first plans a year prior, through the design process, and onward to an international rollout up to present day. Hear behind-the-scenes insights and musings from the working team’s own perspective, including topics like the logo design exploration process; research and testing; building the visual identity system at scale; product design integration; and how to go about updating 19 global offices.

Tickets available through San Francisco Design Week.


In collaboration with Mouthwash Studio, we've created the branding for AIR COMPANY, a sustainability company making innovative products with CO2 to create planetary change.

Our work launched with the announcement of AIRMADE™ SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) and partnerships with Boom Supersonic, Virgin Atlantic, and JetBlue. Read more about AIR COMPANY in Fast Company and see their facilities featured on CNN.


New Client — Mailchimp

We're thrilled to be collaborating with the amazing design team at Mailchimp. Known not only for their excellent product, the company has set itself apart through exceptionally innovative and creative design.

New Work — Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials are building a circular supply chain to power a sustainable world and accelerate the reduction of fossil fuels. Launched by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel, the company is making batteries sustainable and affordable while reducing environmental impact, cost, and supply chain risks.  We worked with the team at Redwood to design and develop a new website as they open new facilities, launch partnerships, and expand their innovative recycling program.


New Client — ROTHY'S

Moniker is excited to partner with sustainable fashion brand, ROTHY'S. The San Francisco-based company uses innovative materials—natural, renewable, bio-based and recycled—to create beautiful and modern products. Read more about their latest progress in achieving circularity here.

New Work — Rice & Bones

We've collaborated with Charles Phan on the visual identity for his latest restaurant, Rice & Bones. Located on the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkley, the menu is an exercise in the study, evolution, and celebration of the history of rice.

New Work — Quilt

We worked with the team at Quilt, who's reimagining home energy consumption for the connected & carbon-free era, to develop a visual identity for the company. 


Jobs — Project Manager

Moniker is seeking an exceptional Project Manager to join our team in San Francisco. Candidates will have extensive experience leading visual identity projects from start to finish, excellent communication skills, and a chill personality. Experience in digital and film are a strong plus. If you're interested please send a resume to [email protected]

New Work — Coinbase

Congratulations to our friends at Coinbase on their historic IPO. We've been working with design team to create a comprehensive visual identity for the brand. Much more to come.

Motion 2-2_3

New Work — Immeasurable

Immeasurable is a Los Angeles-based family office that invests in companies across all sectors and geographies. We created a new identity and website that reflected their belief in the value of what can't be measured: traits like character, determination, and adaptability.

Brand Launch — FRL

We've been working with the team at Facebook Reality Labs on their new brand identity. Read more about the exciting work they're doing to bring people together and build tools for a more inclusive future.

New Work — Oculus

Over the past year we've worked closely with the team at Oculus on a comprehensive visual identity evolution culminating in the launch of the Quest 2. Check out the full case study here.

New Work — Good Reason

Visual identity for a new 100% plant-based restaurant making the healthiest foods on the planet the tastiest with fresh, whole ingredients.

Frameline 44

Moniker is proud to partner with Frameline for the Frameline 44 visual identity. This year they’re hosting a pride showcase virtual event and will be showing films during Pride Weekend. Get tickets here.


The Original Naming Workbook

The third edition of Don't Call It That, by Eli Altman, is now available for preorder. Designed and illustrated by Moniker, this step-by-step workbook takes you through the ins and outs of the naming process. Find out more and preorder the book here.


New Work — Dasani

DASANI, the number one water brand in the US, recently launched a new identity and packaging system designed by Moniker. The comprehensive design system was introduced with a range of exciting sustainable packaging innovations rolling out soon. Check back soon for our full case study.


New Work — SOVA

Here's a sneak peak of our visual identity for Sova, an exciting challenger brand in the direct-to-consumer space.



The Moniker team has been hard at work on a series of custom type projects for various clients across the globe.


New Work — TGM

Moniker worked with TGM on their new identity and website. The Los Angeles-based angel investor and company advisor has invested in Segment, Notion, Bird, Arcadia Power, Getaround, Tala, and more.


Adobe Create Feature

Moniker was recently featured on Create, Adobe's editorial lens on creative culture and opportunity. We discussed the studio's approach, process, and our conscious choice to stay small and be selective about who we work with. View the film and article here.


New Work — is a platform allowing you to set up monthly donations to any charity you care about, all in one place. Moniker collaborated with the founders to establish their core brand identity, product visuals, and illustration language. Sign up and start giving here.

Fog Art & Design 2020

Fog Art & Design is a platform for contemporary design and art that shifts, morphs, and reveals itself through multiple forms and dimensions. Moniker created their 2020 visual identity and key campaign art. More info and tickets available here.


New Client — JOBY Aviation

We're excited to be working with JOBY Aviation who are revolutionizing personal transportation with electric VTOL aircraft.


Client Relationship — X

We've been hard at work on various collaborations with the teams at X, the Alphabet / Google company responsible for Waymo, Wing, Loon, Makani, and many more.


The New York Times

“A California start-up wants to “redesign the entire end-of-life experience.” The answer to “eternity management”? Forests.” Read more about our client, Better Place Forests, in The New York Times


Kudos Fitness

We've been working with the team at Kudos to develop their core visual identity. Backed by Expa, Kudos combines 1-on-1 coaching with advanced AI to deliver a unique fitness plan for each user.


Don't Call It That

We're excited to be designing the third edition of Don't Call It That by Eli Altman. Look for more information this Fall.

Moniker at First Round

Moniker was invited to present at First Round, a one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations for branding projects. Founder and Creative Director Brent Couchman shared our rebrand of One Medical to a sold-out crowd of 700+ attendees. Thanks to Bryony and Armin at Under Consideration for putting on this inspiring event.


Brand Launch — Aalto

Aalto is an entirely new way to sell your home. Rather than exposing your home to the entire internet, Aalto presents your home as a private listing to qualified buyers and agents. We worked with the team to develop their core identity centered on a bespoke logotype, photography direction, and website design.


People + AI Research

Congrats to our client PAIR on the launch of their new identity and the release of the People + AI Guidebook. We've been working with the team to establish a consistent identity that reflects their approach to designing AI products in a human-centered way. Read more about the team and guidebook here.


100 Designers, 15 Countries, 1 CommUNITY.

Moniker was asked to participate in a curated exhibition and silent auction exploring the theme “CommUNITY” for San Francisco Design Week 2019. Organized by Mucho, leading San Francisco and acclaimed international designers will celebrate the SF Design Week 2019 CommUNITY theme by showcasing original artifacts they have produced specifically for this event which will include posters, typefaces, products,sculptures, digital art and more. Find out more about our poster and the rest of the work here.


New Client — Bauer

We're proud to be partnering with Bauer, the first name in all things hockey across the globe. Check back in 2020 to see our work together.


Graphis Gold

Several Moniker posters and logos have been selected for inclusion in the Graphis Poster Annual 2020 and Graphis Logos 9.



Moniker is seeking an exceptional Senior Designer to join our team in San Francisco. Candidates will have a strong portfolio of work with a focus on creating innovative visual identities. Skills in motion, processing, etc. are a strong plus. If you're passionate about design, culture, and business please send a resume and work samples to [email protected]


Sneak Peek — Powerade

We've been working with the team at Powerade on an exciting evolution of their visual identity and packaging system. More to come soon.


First Round

We'll be presenting our work for One Medical at First Round, a one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations for branding projects. Organized by Under Consideration, the event will be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater May 31. Purchase tickets here.

Askul — Kind Afternoon

Our first of many projects for Askul, a set of tissue boxes for the office. Look for more from our work with Askul soon.


New Client — Frameline

We're proud to be collaborating with Frameline on the 2019 film festival campaign. Look for our work to start popping up in the coming months, and grab your tickets here.


Working Not Working Top 50

Moniker was included on Working Not Working's Top 50 places creatives want to work. We're thrilled to be on the list amongst many of our favorite creative companies. If you're interested in working with us feel free to get in touch.


New Client — Casper

We're thrilled to be working with the team at Casper on some exciting new projects. 


Brand Launch — NEXT

Congrats to our client NEXT who raised $97 million in a series C round of funding from Brookfield, Sequoia Capital and GLP, among others. We created their core identity, bringing a bold and modern feel to this online marketplace connecting shippers and trucking companies. Read more at VentureBeat.

Keep Moving: Designing Chicago’s Bicycle Culture

Keep Moving explores how bicycle design in Chicago contributed to the early popularity of bicycles in America, their survival through the 20th century, and their resurgence today. Moniker was asked to create a poster for the exhibition, currently on display at Expo 72 in Chicago. A portion of the poster sales will go towards Blackstone Bicycle Works, a community bike shop and youth education program.


New Client — Askul

We're excited to be partnering with Japan-based Askul, specializing in mail-order office supplies. Known for working with legendary designers for their packaging, Askul has quickly become one of our favorite clients. Look for our work to start popping up in catalogs in 2019.

Sonos — It Starts With Us

We worked with Sonos on a series of posters for an internal brand campaign. Employees got one of five screen printed posters designed by us along with a set of all 5 postcards.

Flipboard on Brand New

We're thrilled to have our new visual identity for Flipboard featured on Brand New: "Overall, this is a great update that maintains the equity of the original brand but infuses it with new energy and meaning in a way that is smart and considerate."


New Work — Lightsource

We've recently completed an identity for the Bay Area's finest art reproduction experts, Lightsource.



A custom typeface we've been developing with our friend Erik Marinovich.


New Work — Coord

Coord, an Alphabet company, is working to change the way people and goods are transported around cities. Moniker worked with the company founders and in-house brand team to create their core visual identity and partnered with A Hundred Monkeys on the new brand name. Learn more about Coord here.

Ether Capital

Ether Capital is a Toronto-based technology company seeking to become the central business and investment hub for the Ethereum ecosystem. Moniker worked with the team to create their core identity.

Yeh / Hey

We were invited by our friends at Hey Studio to create a poster commemorating their 10 year anniversary. The celebration included a series of events and exhibition where posters from Moniker, Anthony Burril, Sawdust and more were featured.


Reiauto no Kyoukasho

Our work for Herman Miller and Most Modest has been featured in Layout Textbook, published by SB Creative in Japan.

Nifty–50 Poster

We’re excited to announce our contribution to Nifty–50, an auction of edition-of-one posters with proceeds going to the Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity. Organized by SocioDesign, and sponsored by Ripe Digital and Analog Republic, the auction features 50 posters from leading designers and studios responding to the simple prompt of “Money”.

Inspired by paper money, the first of which appeared in 10th century China, our poster is a bold, simple abstraction of the colorful money found across the globe. Head over to to bid and check out the rest of the posters.

Moniker Beer for SF Design Week

As part of San Francisco Design Week, we opened up the studio for the local design community to get a look behind the scenes at our recent work and share our first studio collaboration. Inspired by our visit to Tokyo, we created a summer beer for the event. We partnered with Woods Beer Co. to create a custom brew with Japanese inspired ingredients, and A Hundred Monkeys to name the beer. The result is Bask, a pale ale with genmaicha and crisp hops, bringing the bright taste of green tea along with the earthiness of toasted rice. Check back for a full case study of the collaboration soon.


PRESENT! London Design Festival

PRESENT! is a poster exhibition featuring designers from all over the world who’ve come together to raise money for street children in India. Proceeds from sales of the posters will help fund a 12-child home through Angel House. Our poster centers on a simple, optimistic message meant to inspire everyone to say “yes”. Read more about Angel House and check out the posters here.

New Work — Monocle 24 Idents

We've recently created idents for Monocle 24, the internet radio station from London-based Monocle, offering intelligent chat, music, news, and studio guests, covering business, culture, and design. Check out the work in print or at

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